Tips to fight your hunger and control your bad appetite

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It is always hard to resist bad hunger craving towards appetizing cookies, creams, pies, cakes, and ice creams with nuts and hot fudge hovering. But consuming these foods without a will power to control yourself can lead to serious weight gain issues.

Here are some tips to control your hunger and keep your body in shape

Protein rich diet

Ensure every meal you take contains lean proteins. Lean proteins are natural suppressor of appetite than other macro nutrients.

Do not skip breakfasts

If you are a breakfast skipper then this can be a reason for your hunger and craving. Have as satisfying breakfast and frequently take small meals throughout the day.

Avoid excessively low fat diets and take in more fibers

Don't be negatively be over conscious about the fat in your diet. The studies conducted on foods have shown that nonfat diets often result in increase hunger. Eat about 14 grams of fiber content per 1000 calorie intake. Fiber provides bulk and roughage to your meals even though food has lesser amounts of calories. Vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains are rich in fibers.

Drink water

Drink adequate amount of water or fluids with lesser caloric value to avoid feeling hungry. Water is not necessarily a strong suppressant of hunger but it has the ability to full up the stomach and psychologically satisfy the brain to relieve hunger.

Have food substitutes that that will be fulling and suppress your hunger

Experiment with different food substitutes to check what makes your stomach fuller while taking in small quantities. Some foods dense in their content make the stomach feel filled very faster and while others make you feel hungry soon after you have eaten. For instance oatmeal can be extremely heavy and fills the stomach at a fast rate. While consumption of wheat made cereals can get digested very fast and increase hunger sooner.


Preforming exercises even though will make you tired and increase your hunger at time. In the long run it is good for you as it build body muscles and helps you to resist hunger at abnormal times of the day.  Therefore the times of the day you eat will become more regular and routine. In other words you will eat your food at regular timings and stay energetic and hunger free till your next meal.


The research conducted by University of Wisconsin and Chicago has proven that deprivation in sleep activates the hunger hormones at irregular intervals which leads to increase in snacking. This can be a serious problem for abnormal weight gain issues. So do not be reluctant to sleep, get adequate amount of rest.

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