Alkaline and Water

Alkaline and Water Improve your health



Better Than Plain Water?

Water is the essential component of the human body, as we need water to stay hydrated. Our body made up of 70% of water, so we need it to survive. But the important thing is the source of water; obviously no one wants to drink polluted water. The purified form of water is important and pH level of water is one of main properties of purified water. The question now arise is whether alkaline water is better than plain tap water? Alkaline water has more pH level, so it helps to increase your body metabolism and hence causing absorption of nutrients. Use of alkaline water has many benefits like decreasing body weight, controlling diabetes, strong bones and etc. Few people feel alkaline water helps to slow down the aging process. Still some authentic verification has to be made yet by researchers.

Many people spend lot of money on diet and exercise to overcome the body weight but research has shown that such people are missing a third element, which is hydration. Weight loss can be achieved easily by combination of diet, exercise, and hydration. Most people drink plain water as they feel it is easily available and easy to obtain. Moreover plain water is cheaper than alkaline water. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of alkaline water to have a good picture of this comparison.  

Drinking cold alkaline water is even more useful because it helps to burn and get rid of the excessive calories. Having alkaline water half an hour before your meal could help in proper digestion of your food by supplying the body necessary amount of water. Plain water used to have neutral pH value, which is 7, and alkaline water usually has pH value greater than 7, (something around 9 to 11) which makes it neutral, while plain water has an acidic nature.
Alkaline water is also useful for the muscles as it gives the necessary push to the muscles to avoid from dehydration. Alkaline water is useful in removal of acidic wastes from the body as alkaline water is good solvent on acidic wastes. So it is clear that alkaline water is the basic remedy for weight loss and some other harmful diseases. Few people still propose the opposite side of picture while comparing alkaline water with plain water but we conclude that “Yes use of alkaline water is the far better than plain water and useful in cutting down many health issues”.