Most effective exercises for weight loss.

Posted on November 10, 2013
by Tim Franks
weight loss exercise

Exercises form a vital part of weight loss program. To manage a busy schedule performing important and effective exercises in a limited available time is required for quickly attaining the weight loss goals. Broadly weight loss exercises can be classified as strength and aerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises burn fat directly while performing the exercise motions. In other case strength training influences weight loss by enhancing metabolism and in turn burning the calories of the body. The metabolic rate of a person is directly related to muscular structure of a body. So growing strong muscles by following strength training exercises will activate the body metabolism and help in burning the extra calories.

A healthy body relates its body mass to muscles. Muscles must be the main contributors to body weight rather than fat. So regular exercising will convert the fat into muscles and make the body healthy.

Below are the effective and quick fat burning exercises for trying at home


Squats are very good exercises for building leg and buttock muscle strength. To perform the exercise, stand in a position spreading your feet at a shoulder width facing forward and squat up and down for 10 to 20 times. This will engage the leg muscles and make them strong and fit. As you progress with the exercise for about 2 weeks, try holding dumbbells in the hands and perform the same exercise. This can be quite challenging but as the balance and strength in the body builds it will be more easier to workout.


The essential thing to note while doing Pushups is doing it in the right way. The arms of your body must support the body weight. Doing twenty pushups at staring and then gradually increasing the number will be beneficial for building arm strength.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are excellent aerobic workout for the whole body. This exercise can be very well performed at home. Working on 20 jumping jacks in 4 or 5 sets will develop upper body strength.

Fast walking

Speed walking or fast walking is a great easy aerobic exercise for even exercising of the whole body. This exercise can be a form of warm-up for advanced exercises like pushups and squats. The exercise very well increases the blood flow and flexibility of the muscles in the body.


Stepping is excellent way to control the heart beat and at the same time burn excessive fat in the lower body region. For performing this exercise simply use your stairs at home and step up and down in 2 to 3 sets each set using 20 steps. The exercise not only loses your weight but also enhances your body strength and muscles.

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