What close to wear to look slim?

Posted on November 11, 2013
by Tim Franks
fashion for weight loss

The desire to have a slim and sexy body is in every women. However, women facing weight gain problems often find it challenging to select appropriate clothes to wear.

A possible solution for this problem would be to wear certain type of clothes that will create an illusion of having a perfect shaped body.

Here are few tips on clothing solutions for a women facing weight gain problems.

Wear vertical striped clothes instead of horizontal striped outfits for an elongated body appearance. Horizontal stripes also make your waistline appear flatter than the original shape of the body. If you are having a sizable amount of belly fat, wearing a dark colored horizontal stripe hides it very well.

Wear a shape wear. Shape wear is an elastic cloth worn beneath the dress. It wraps the loosened skin or bulge to give a flat appearance through the body. It also works very well to maintain evenness without being recognizable from outside.

Do not wear tight or bulky clothes which clearly reveal the inner figure or look shabby on the body. It is suggested you buy comfortable clothes as per your body proportions to get a decent appearance. If required consulting a fashion specialist or designer to find out the appropriate measurements can be helpful.

Wear clothes in layers rather than wearing a single outfit. Following this one can hide the irregularities caused by protuberance and cellulite. A good trick of obtaining an urbane professional look is by wearing blazers and jackets. These finely cover up the weight gain areas of your body while giving you the professional look and retaining good sense of fashion. The color of your clothes also influences your appearance, wearing black clothes with suitable accessories elegantly presented looks great and still gives you some color and style. You can alternate from black color, with dark colors like chocolate brown, blue and grey also as these will work very well to give you a slim look.

Say no to flat shoes. Wear comfortable heels instead of flat shoes. This will give you a heighten appearance and create a delusion of taller stature. The added height will pull up the lower extremities and model a higher appearance.

So by following these simple fashion elements you can style yourself even though you are facing weight loss problems.

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