Caffeine Yes or No?

Posted on November 14, 2013
Caffeine use is it good or bad for you

Really! Is caffeine for your health good or bad? Many food product today contain caffeine from tea to soda drink and this is a question many people wonder about daily.

Many of us drink coffee and other coffee products even some soda drinks will have in caffeine. Therefore we are taking in caffeine in some quantity and should be concern how it will affect our health. However the answer to the question is duplicitous really. There are amount of caffeine that can be good for you and amount of caffeine that can be bad for you. Therefore the key is to know when it is good and when it is bad and avoid the bad use of caffeine. In this article we will explore both the positive and negative side effects and maximize the positive and minimize the negative on caffeine in take and, will demonstrate methods that will help you to understand all of them. What we passed through our mouths we have to bear in mind that all of it contributes to fuel our body, and it's a look into the right combination of performance, we will retain the balance of these fuels.

Good Caffeine

  • Caffeine boosts arousal and short term memory, and even change your mood. It lowers blood sugar, and sugar at the same time as the increasing demand of the brain, a cup of coffee, caffeine stimulates the central system: the result is a temporary lift.
  • Journal of sports medicine study of the exercise before performance of marathon runners run caffeine showed how to shoot two hours.
  • United States medical research published in the journal last year related to the caffeine intake of people plays a day caffeine consumers run the risk of developing gallstones than reported that 40 percent lower.
  • Studies have shown that people who drink coffee on a regular basis to develop Parkinson's disease will have 80 percent of low-risk.
  • Studies have shown that people who drink coffee regularly for colorectal cancer have a lower risk of 25%.
  • Studies have shown that people who drink coffee on a regular basis, there is a risk of cirrhosis of the liver will have 80% reduction.
  • Coffee its bitter taste and aroma-giving-coffee helps prevent cavities to form two anti adhesive and antibacterial properties, you can be held responsible for providing some researchers "tree and Nell Lindsay called" I believe in another compound.

Bad Caffeine

  • Caffeine intake can lead to insomnia.
  • Absorption of iron and calcium from food is known to inhibit the coffee drink with meals.
  • Exercise triggers the loss of unwanted fluid before a cup of caffeine has diuretic effects.
  • Drink one or two cups of blood flow to the brain within half an hour is 10% to 20% can be reduced. Did not eat anything for a while combining it with low blood sugar in people, you have a feeling of anxiety or blurred vision palpitations, can begin.
  • One to two drinks daily withdrawal symptoms after you consume on a regular basis. Caffeinism, it is sometimes called, migraine headaches and sickness.
  • Coffee is an increase in one day on a few glasses of rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility of drinking. Scientists say the disease is about coffee and biochemical markers and found a link to strong between four Cup drink people with arthritis are likely to test positive for twice that.
  • An individual's body means more than anything that can withstand the excessive quantity of coffee is nervousness, anxiety, and can cause rapid heartbeat.

In Summary

Moderation: how to benefit from the advantage of caffeine and stay away from the negative effects of caffeine's is vital and is the same as most things in life.

There are many more than just the Cup more, try drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. While you are drinking coffee and eating something disturbing vision of the blood sugar level drops, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, and even palpitations. If you believe you have caffeine intoxication, may cause pain and disease head slowly stop you but rather to reduce the amount of caffeine consumed.

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