Lose Weight Fast Because Obesity is Directly Linked to Cancer

Posted on December 06, 2013
by Tonci Tomulic

If you are thinking about how to lose weight fast, you might be heading in the right direction. We already know that obesity is linked to a lot of bad conditions, which might even have lethal consequences at a relatively low age.

However, it must be said that research is constantly improving, and there is more than one thing, which will come around in the coming years. Here we will talk a little bit about a new research, which has been sweeping the science environment.

Previous research has shown that obesity may be directly linked to cancer in some form. Cancer cells thrive on the food sources of your body, and they take away your energy in order to grow and expand. With that in mind, it is pretty simplistic to think that cancer would find a proper environment in a body where energy is not completely utilized. Up until now however, there was never a direct link found to all forms of cancer and obesity, even though statistically, the number of obese or hyper-slim people suffering from cancer has been always higher. 

Why Should you Concentrate on Effective Weight Loss?

Concentrating on losing weight is essential, as the newly reopened research states. The National Cancer Institute has already identified some reasons why obesity may be connected to cancer. However, this new research indicates that adiposity may carry additional risk for developing cancer in both older subjects, and all ages. In the research 2,519 adults participated, all of them obese. The target was to find links between fat mass specifically, and the risks of developing all forms of cancer. All the individuals participating in the research were followed for 13 years, for traces of cancer.

The results from all this pondering were actually shocking. It turned out that a large percentage of the obese people were affected by cancer some time during the 13 years. Those who showed progression towards losing weight actually had a very low percentage of ailing. On the other hand, those who progressed further towards obesity, or were morbidly obese beforehand held the largest percentage of being affected by the disease. This led to the conclusion that obesity and cancer may actually be connected quite a lot. The reasons behind this are still not clear, but it is expected that sometime during the next few years, significant advancements will be made in this department.

If you are looking at how to lose weight fast, this might be the perfect time to do so. After reading this article, hopefully you have realized that you really need to put the strain on yourself. A proper diet and regular exercise are not things, which are extremely hard to achieve. All you really need is to stick to a proper schedule, which can easily be designed by a professional.

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