Benefits vs. Risks for Extreme Weight Loss Surgery

Posted on December 07, 2013
by Tonci Tomulic

When it comes to health, we need to always be vigilant about what is good for us. Obesity is one of the most astonishing problems in the world today. To top it off, it is considerably higher in accounts compared to any other time in human history.

This is why a lot of people have been turning their attention towards extreme weight loss methods such as surgery for instance. Bariatric surgery has really grown popular, but is it safe? Here we will talk a little bit about this and reach a conclusion.

First of all, you need to be aware of all the benefits, which this type of surgery may bring to you. Keep in mind that obesity is considered to be found in people with BMI over 30, whereas severe obesity is with BMI above 40. Both have remarkable degrees of danger when it comes to your health. Being overweight in general is said to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer exponentially. This of course means that the death rate among obese people is more severe as well – something, which needs to be accounted for.

What are the Cons of Rapid Weight Loss?

Just like with anything else that is done quickly and poses a severe change to one’s body, there are some cons to bariatric surgery, despite the fact that it saves you from a lot of troubles. After the so-called gastric banding, the food pipe of the patient may exponentially grow after overeating. This means that the person will have to stick to a steady diet for the rest of their life. Other types of bariatric surgery may lead to severe and lasting mineral and vitamin deficiencies, which can have small impairments on the person’s way of life.

Despite these cons, when you balance these things out, one thing is clear. After bariatric surgery you will need to take better care of yourself – something, which you should be doing anyway, not just because you otherwise directly endanger yourself. However, if you remain obese, the ailments, which will pursue you are long lasting and unpredictable. The lethality rate when it comes to bariatric surgery and its complications is a complete minimum. On the other hand, obese people are known to develop severe problems with their health over the course of their lifetime, and this applies to a very high percentage of the population. 

Whatever you do and decide, make sure this decision for extreme weight loss is reached only after you have consulted with a physician. After all, there are various factors, which need to be taken into consideration at all times, and you have to make sure that you do so. Otherwise you will end up putting yourself in danger, instead of averting it, like a highly successful bariatric surgery would surely do.

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