A Genetic Link Between Prostate Cancer and Proper Weight Loss

Posted on December 09, 2013
by Tonci Tomulic

Obesity is a major problem not only in the US, but in the world as a whole. Attempts at proper weight loss have always been essential for anyone overweight, because know very well that it is not just the looks that count – it is the health as well.

With that in mind here we will talk about some of the newest research, which brings some grim news. When it comes to prostate diseases and most especially cancer – obesity might be more than problematic.

It turns out that among prostate cancer patients, 50 % of the tumors actually have a rare genetic mutation. It turns out that obese people, suffering from cancer inflicted by this mutation have a very high mortality rate. On the other hand, people of normal weight, having prostate cancer have a significantly lower mortality rate, which is more than surprising. This is the first and most interesting proven link between genetics, obesity and cancer. The research found its way for the first time in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The test itself is quite frightening and gives an incentive to lose weight.

Why you Should Concentrate on Good Weight Loss

There are currently 100, 000 men in the US who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The death expectancy for these cases is at best 30 %, which is a significantly big number. Prostate cancer is actually the second biggest reason for death when it comes to cancer, right after lung cancer. Even previous studies actually proved that there is a high chance that obese men diagnosed with prostate cancer have a bigger chance of reaching mortality rates than those of normalized weight. However, it was never known how exactly obesity was linked with prostate cancer.

Cancer is not the only worry you must have when it comes to your prostate and your obesity however. There is an abundance of different ailments, which are caused by obesity, most commonly cardiovascular disease. However, enlarged prostate, inflammation and other similar diseases are also common for the prostates of obese people. This is one thing, which has been proven to exist. However, the exact reason why, is still not clarified. Thanks to the newest research for prostate cancer we have a chance of understanding more in just a few more years’ time. 

It is easy to say that obesity is one of the harshest problems, which the US and the world as well encounter on a daily basis. It is far more than just an impact on our looks – it is on our inside as well, and the death rate from diseases, caused by obesity is large. This is why you need to make sure you go for proper weight loss and save yourself. It is not that hard to make some proper exercise and a good diet. All you need to do, is make sure that you follow a proper schedule.

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