Impairing Effective Weight Loss Through Sedentary Behavior in Older Women

Posted on December 20, 2013
by Tonci Tomulic

We already know that there is a vast importance when it comes to effective weight loss. Previous research has already proven that a lack of exercise can lead to some serious health issues, especially when it comes to older people.

As age progresses, there are a lot of diseases of the heart and general body, which form, and this is especially improved upon because of obesity. This is why new research has focused on how much this actually impacts the lifestyle of older women.

A study published in JAMA shows that there are a lot of problems, which older women are currently facing. According to this study, it turns out that these women can spend two thirds of their waking life in a sedentary position, or general sedentary behavior. The research was conducted in the Harvard School of Public Health. What the researchers were looking at, was how exactly sedentary behavior can impact the lives of people at an older age. The most important factor from this study is the fact that no conclusions were reached as to whether lack of physical activity has to be in short or long timeframes.

Details on the Proper Weight Loss Research

In order to reach conclusive results, the research examined 7,247 women with an average age of 71 years. As the women were awake, they were asked to wear a special accelerometer. The duration of this test was around 7 days per woman. The average amount of time, which the women wore the accelerometer turned out to be 14.8 hours. Two other factors, which were examined by the researchers were the BMI of the women and whether they are smokers. Both were considered more than important for the course of the study.

The results of the research concluded that the women, on average, spent 9.7 hours in a sedentary position committing to various sedentary activities. This amounts to an average of 65% of the waking time of the whole group. Another important finding was that as age and BMI increased in numbers, so did the amount of time spent in sedentary behavior. It also turned out that most sedentary periods were actually quite short. They were breaks of around half an hour at a time, and they resulted in a total of 31% on average, of the total time spent sedentary.

As a whole, it is easy to say that older women are living in an unsatisfying way for their bodies. You need to understand that the importance of effective weight loss is more than something you can even imagine. You will have to spend more time in an active state in order to avoid more than just obesity. If you have older loved ones, who are spending a lot of their time like that, it will be wise to tell them to be more active.

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