Good Diet Programs for Countering Christmas Metabolism

Posted on December 22, 2013
by Tonci Tomulic

The world of healthcare has been booming with a lot of news in the past few months and years. It is easy to say that some of the biggest advancements when it comes to obesity were made this year.

Still, it is essential to take a look at the smaller ones as well, because good diet programs end up improving the quality of our lifestyles tenfold when followed through properly. Here we will talk a little bit about good weight loss and how to handle it during the holidays.

We all know that during the holidays, especially on Christmas Eve and Day, we indulge in a lot of harmful habits like overeating and spending too much time in a sedentary position. Previous research has already shown us that even small timespans of not committing to activity, can lead to us not burning as much calories as we take in. This naturally could lead to a lot of problems. However, it must be said that the newest research in the department has shown that a little bit of regular exercise during the Christmas holidays can easily negate the effects of sedentary behavior and overeating.

Diet Plans and Maintaining Weight

The research has shown that exercise can be quite useful even when storing energy and gaining weight actively. 26 males participated in the research, and were made to consume a little more than their usual intake for a period of one week. One half of the participants were asked to considerably decrease their amount of physical activity per day. The other half were asked to spend 45 minutes of treadmill running on a daily basis. The results from this research ended up pretty conclusive to say the least.

Those inactive were asked to consume 50% more calories than usual, while the active portion were asked to consume 75% more, in order to balance out the daily surplus between the two groups. At week start and end the participants were asked to give blood fasting tests, as well as oral glucose tests. In just one week, the difference between the two groups was more than just pronounced. Those, who spent their time in an inactive manner had lost control over their blood sugar at astonishing rates. Apart from that, the number of fat cells in their bodies had doubled.

These results are conclusive, and even if you do not feel the difference in your body throughout the holidays, you will easily discover that if you keep going with inactivity, you will end up with severe problems. Obesity is no small concern in the world today, and more and more problems are connected to it by researchers on a daily basis. This is why, if you are worried about your health, now is the time to go for the right diet programs and a good amount of exercise.

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