Question 3. I want to be slimmer, but why I feel I am not going to be successful?

In truth, many people believe that they will not become slimmer, simply because it seems too hard. We have all heard excuses like “My condition is genetic”, or “My body is simply not built for exercise”. However, at the end of the day, it all falls down on you deciding that you are ready to take the steps. The good news is that these steps will not be as hard on your regimen as you might think they will be.

Your success in becoming slimmer and healthier depends on your mindset. If you go ahead with the thought that it is too hard and that you will fail, you will inevitably fail. It is up to you to know that the whole process could actually be a pleasant one. For instance, the diet. A lot of people will tell you that you will have to stop eating all your favorite foods, that you will have to eat tasteless garbage until you achieve results. This however is not true. You need to eat healthily, but healthily means in moderate amounts. There are still foods, which you will have to restrict, but you can enjoy even them if you eat them rarely and in small quantities.

Another reason why people fail at getting slimmer is because they cannot set their priorities straight. You need to device a schedule, which you will keep and stay on track for as long as you can. That way, when you have everything planned out, there will be no room for confusion and therefore gaining weight. If you manage to stick to your own schedule, you will inevitably end up succeeding in the endeavor.

It is not a question of why are you getting slimmer, it is how. You need to study the process carefully and devise a plan. In time, you will find that it is more pleasant than you had thought, and all your thoughts of failing will quickly dissipate.