Customized fat loss- a complete fat burning system

get a customized weight loss solutionCustomized fat loss is nutritional software, combined with exercises to burn your excess fat quickly while maintaining your lean muscles on the body. It is configured to beat your fat loss plateau and achieve greater results.

 What is CFL?

Customized fat loss (CFL) works based on the 4 formulas that were developed after intense testing and tweaking through the help of nutritional experts, bodybuilders, and fitness models. CFL fits itself very well according to your body type, age, height, weight and metabolism. CFL is efficient in calculating the macro nutrients and calories required for your body based on the workout time to gain a fast fat loss. By using the program you will find a right way to shed your body fat without losing the muscles from your body. On the days when you are off the gym your nutrition is customized for building new muscles and repairing the broken muscle tissues. With the macronutrient and calorie shifting techniques your body will recover without any sort of muscle soreness. The program is also included with graphs and charts for helping you to track your progress for achieving a strongly built physique.

Fat Loss FoodsAbout the Kyle Leone

Kyle Leone is a personal trainer, nutritional specialist, and fitness model. He is currently working as a member on BioTust nutrition, and is the senior product development consultant of Bluestar nutraceuticals.

During the past few years he has helped thousands of men and women to get rapid fat losing results through his customized weight loss program. The strategic approach used in the program makes it different from other programs in the market place.  

Why CFL is the best?

CFL is very flexible when it comes to diet and nutrition. It does not demand you to stick to a particular pre build meal plans.  CFL has 3 types of customized meals meeting the nutritional requirements to choose from. In addition to these it also provides you to make substitutions from almost 1400 varieties of foods to meet your nutrition requirements. So there are many options available in the program, which will increase your flexibility in choosing a particular method.

Many programs often fail because of their working on limited type of physiques. But CFL works on all types of bodies. In case if you are unaware of your body type, it will help you to determine your true body type through a series of simple steps.

The program is designed to guide you at every stage of your journey to achieve your weight loss goals. You are provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to obtain a body that you are looking for.  With this nine week program you will get a complete fat burning system which encompasses dieting, exercising and ways for adopting them for faster fat loss. 

How to get started

The program can be ordered easily by using a credit card. The program is available at $47.All the transactions are secured through Clickbank merchant. Click bank is the most trusted security provider which is vigilant against any anti-fraud features in the world.