New Express Diet

Lose weight fast the healthy and sure way without putting it back on.

You don't have to be on a diet waiting for months to lose your weight but that is not true, it does not have to be, you can lose weight in weeks! Sometimes losing weight and looking good can seem to take so long and so much hard work. However, it does not have to be that way, why you feel this way is because you are trying to lose weight the wrong way. Find out have to lose weight, get fit and look great quickly with minimal effort with the new diet express.

FREEDAYThe biggest fear that anyone who tries to start a diet has, something that paralyzes most people before they even make the first step in losing weight is the fear that we will gain back the weight we so painstakingly lost. And this is not something that is exclusive to “normal” people. Just take a look at tabloids. Every once in a while, they are filled with stories of celebrities who gained back pounds. And even after they went on a diet. Which they most likely advertised a month or two ago in some TV talk show. If the celebrities, with all their money, chefs and trainers can't deal with this problem, how can you?
It is possible, don't worry, even if the statistics are not looking in your favor (more than 80% of people who started a diet regain the weight in two years or so). The journey will be difficult. At one point, you start a diet, lose 150 or more pounds thanks to it, count your daily calories, spend hours every week sweating in a gym, but eventually, when you stop the diet and when your gym membership expires, you gain 200 pounds. The result can be quite frustrating and you start feeling sorry for yourself. Add to that the fact that some people may simply be “hardwired” to experience a so-called yo-yo effect and you will see just how hard it can be to lose even a few pounds, without putting them back on

So, how can you make sure that you won't regain those lost pounds? Here are 4 things you should now about this:

1.    Slower equals better
The big mistake you can make as a dieter is to set some unrealistic goal. The most effective weight-loss programs are not those that promise you to lose 10-15 pounds in 15 days, but actually those that allow you to lose a pound or two every week.
2.    Weight loss is not something that happens overnight
Don't expect to see a flat stomach or a slimmer figure after a day of dieting and exercising, no matter how hard you went with it. Give it time. The weight loss is something that will fluctuate in regard to the food and especially water you take in.
3.    Weight loss is not the same every week
You will likely see the biggest drop in weight in the first couple of weeks. This is when you get rid of most unnecessary fat and really bad things in your body. Following that, the weight loss slows down and will even sometimes look like it has completely halted. Don't be alarmed by this. The body doesn't always obeys how much we want to lose this week.
4.    We are all different
We came to the most important thing. It's all based on your organism. Some people will lose more pounds in two weeks than others will lose in two months. Don't be frustrated if you belong to the second group and just keep with it.

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With this system you should lose about 1 pound a week but remember success means not over eating not the normal days. Once you follow this you will not only lose weight but also to enjoy a wide range of health benefits. Studies show that dieting? Continuously, people who will see improvements in blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, but also on the sensitivity of insulin.
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