How to control your diet on Christmas to control weight gain?

Posted on November 11, 2013
by Tim Franks
diet on christmas

Worried about putting on some weight this Christmas? Don't be, here are some tips that you can follow to stay fit and to control your appetite during the occasion.

Food gifts

Everyone feels bad about throwing away the leftover food after Christmas celebration. In an effort to avoid the food from perishing we try to have it in excess. This gives rise to rapid weight increase problems. In keeping with the Christmas season a wise thing to do is to offer it to charity or homeless people nearby. If food prepared includes chocolates, candies or sugary items, freezing and having them at a later time is a good option.

Consume water regularly

When you are intensely hungry drink water in sufficient quantities. This will reduce your food craving within seconds. The medical suggestion about having 3 liters of water a day is essential for every human being.

Eat more often

Eat food at regular intervals in limited quantities. This will restrict immediate weight gain. It is often observed that a person following an extreme weight loss plan by avoiding consumption of carbohydrate foods suffers rapid weight gain when there is sudden rise in food intake. So eating in small quantities helps to decrease appetite, increase energy and improve digestion.

Consider Salsa as a substitute of Mayo

Mayonnaise is crammed with calories, so using salsa as an ingredient in place of mayo in salads and burgers will get rid of unhealthy fats and calories.

Avoid drinking too much of alcohol

If you are really conscious about weight gain you must cut down your calorie intake to 1200 to 1500 a day. Take it easy on Alcoholic drinks especially the creamier ones filled with excess calories. An average pint of beer is said to have 150 calories.

Eat juicy fruits, vegetables to fill your appetite

Peeling an orange and eating at a Christmas party can be unconventional. But mixing different fruits and coming up with creative dishes like smoothies, shakes and fruit salads having rich content of vitamins and antioxidants are healthy for the body. These dishes always taste fresh when chilled and served.

Eat high lean protein meat at Lunch and Supper

Grilled skinless chicken, roasted turkey and Salmon are low in carbohydrates but high in proteins. So consuming these instead of red meat provide more sustained energy and avoid frequent hunger.

So I hope these tips will help you to preserve your body fitness and at the same time let you enjoy this Christmas season.

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