How to have a balanced diet?

Posted on November 13, 2013
by Tim Franks
nuts for fibers and protiens

Knowing an appropriate way to dieting can be tricky as you are bound to consume more of one particular type of food and limit the consumption of another. For instance if you are conscious about the fiber intake then you will be mostly confined to eating the low carb foods.

So in this case you would be neglecting the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates to a large extent.

The campaign on dietary fiber has created a great rush on switching over to fiber rich food. The claims about the fiber intake enhancing the bowel movements, cleaning the digestive tract, fighting the heart diseases are true. But you should also take care to have other essential nutrients  and vitamins required for the body.

So here are few dietary suggestions to keep up the requirements of both carbs and fibers.

When its snacking time grab a handful of nuts

Nuts are bite sized, protein and fiber rich food. Nuts are tasty and eating them is a good way to keep away from hunger between the meals. Some of the excellent choices of nuts include walnuts, pecans, pistachios and the most nutrient packed almonds. A cup of almonds has the fiber equivalent to 16 grams.

Sprinkle some added fiber

If you are not a fan of consuming plain nuts then sprinkle them over salads, greens or mix in the milk and have them. Sunflower seeds, fenugreek seeds and flax seeds complement the salads very well. One ounce of sunflower seeds has about 3 grams of fibers and 5 grams of proteins. If you would like to have the crunchiness in your meals such as whole wheat pasta, then mix it with any of the fiber rich seeds.    

Eat a smart breakfast

Having peanut butter during the breakfast is a great choice because of its rich content of protein and fibers. A slice of bread smeared with peanut butter and added with other high fiber crunch will turn into a healthy breakfast. Other items like Fiber one or Allan bran can increase the fiber content in food.

If you like having smoothies, adding them with extra nuts and seeds blended with nonfat yogurt will ramp up the dietary protein content.  Kiwis, Avocado and carrots stand among the highest fiber rich vegetables and fruits. These when eaten raw along with the meals are nutritious and healthy to the body.



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